Cumming, Georgia's Premier Home Haunt!


The Wait is Over!!

This 210 page book is ready to publish. It's a complete guide to create an amazing Halloween event, LARP or home haunt.

In order to get this information out to haunt enthusiasts everywhere, we need your help. Go to and search for “Home Haunting for Mere Mortals” or use the following link to order yours now:

We are a home haunt the likes of which are rarely seen. We take our guests through wall mazes, tents, across the yard and through many haunted realms. Being mostly covered, the haunt is NOT weather dependent! The haunt IS designed to scare so be prepared. We try to provide a family-oriented haunt. There will be blood but no gore. There will be fear but nothing Satanic. Oh yes...........and there will be screams!
                                                                  Uncle Rog

Hayes Haunt was recognized nationally with the "Home Haunt" award for 2011!!      

Click HERE to see our walk-through
Video from Hayes Haunt 2011!

Hayes Haunt will be open for visits
          7:00 to 10:00 on the following evenings:
              Fri and Sat       Oct 18th and 19th
              Fri and Sat       Oct 25th and 26th
                                         and on
               Thurs Oct 31st       (Halloween night!!)
                       and an encore performance on
              Friday Nov 1st 

Admission is a paltry $5 per soul. Compare our value with anyone!!!

For our timid guests........
     A special protective amulet, magical talisman if you will, may be purchased and worn to ward off the monsters for a
      "Hayes Haunt Light" experience!

Location:         7435 Cavaletti Circle
                       Cumming, Georgia  30040

There are no public bathroom facilities, so go before ya leave home like yer Mamma told ya!


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